Last Long One

Yesterday I ran this in preparation for this.

Under the 401

An Eden moment in Downsview Dells. After discovering this tree and taking my first bite: a snake in the grass.

Daylight Savings

The Wind


Gibraltar Point

our poem!

Pockets full of nettles apples

In our belly and

Sweet stevia acrid on our tongues


We made our way from

Summer Idol

Treehouse lotus of flags and foliage


Hands full of eggplants harvested

Among kale and yams of

Flower lined courtyards


We ran through winded tunnels

Of breakers and

Bowing trees


On the way to the ferry

Two white haired ladies panned

In the community cart –


Your hemp coat and green fluorescent hat

Burgundy fingerless gloves and

Legs and feet

Just made for running.

Feast of Sacrifice

Eid al-Adha,
Bakrid Mubarak

But everybody told me to be smart
Look at your ______ they said,
“_______, use your head.”
But instead I chose to use my heart
Now the joy of my world is in ____

(Marching, marching)



It’s beautiful here, I have been warmly welcomed, but it is quite an adjustment as you can imagine.

I find myself from time to time just aching to have a good cry, cause everything is new, nothing is the same, and that is overwhelming.

But then I eat, work out and get back to work, keeping myself busy and hoping that I will meet a beautiful man will sweep me off of my feet and make this whole process easier.


Toronto is in the middle of a heatwave. Since you have left, the mist has not lifted. The visibility has been consistently bleak.

I go about my days as usual but returning to an empty boat is still a surprise, and then a let-down.

K___ came by last night and said she felt only feminine vibes in the boat and this made me sad.

I’m so sad.

Can I help?



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