Re: Italy Itinerary


Hi C,
Sounds like a great/fun trip – enjoy!
When you do your “pasta cooking class booked for the morning of June 29″, I’m sure you will dine on the results of the class with some good Italian wine. At that time don’t forget to raise your glass in a celebratory toast to your mum and dad – the 29th of June will be our 41st wedding anniversary!!!
Cheers and love, Dad.



May 23, Brampton.
5:45 AM

May 24, Detroit.
6:03 AM

June 26, Toronto.
5:37 AM

summer project


Thank you, Detroit


Thank you, Detroit


I went to my boat last night.
I laid tiles down on the lower top deck. I sat – and then lay down – while gazing at all my gentle giant floating neighbours. Then I potted two geraniums into a hanging pot and hung it from a pre-existing plant hook in the ceiling of the foredeck. Then I went inside and sat on the bed. And I looked at things for 30 minutes, in silence, just soaking them all in. Then I turned on the electricity. And then I went to the console and turned on all the buttons, and then went into the bathroom and flipped the switch and all the lights came on. And then, nervously, I flushed the toilet… and it took in swirly water and quickly resumed. And then I went to the very top, and sat there, and was so happy. And then I turned everything off, and biked home.

This is a very slow familiarisation. I am nervous, but my curiosity shines through my nervousness. When I turn on the water, as when I turn on the blowers, I love hearing the little motor. This humming brings me immense satisfaction.

My boat is my companion, and we are both at the beginning of very personal journeys.


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