Today was so good.
I lost track of time!


Swansea Community Recreation Centre

A Vision

From top to bottom, insufferably shabby Dufferin Street must feel the most at-home today: cluttered at its dowdiest in all of Winter’s dregs.

This pool was a vision.


Wallace-Emerson Community Centre

Loud & Fast


My thoughts were as loud as the decor. To focus, I thought about why I was there. About how when I was a kid presented with an open spanse or park, I’d fantasise jumping or running right in as though I were a dolphin to water or a horse to a field.

Beaches Recreation Centre
(Glen Ames Senior Public School)


Coaches’ Corner
(from the vaults)


Hi you two!
Apparently Ed Whitlock is running The Cabot Trail Relay. Last year he was on my Halifax flight and I felt all schoolgirly and couldn’t build up the courage to say hi. This year I want to ask him about giving a lecture! Nervous!


Hi you two!
I heard from W. that the run went well yesterday. The Island run was great and taking the ferry over with Ed Whitlock was an unexpected treat! He actually just “showed up” in the ferry line, figuring that they’d let him in because he is who he is. He had no idea that the 10K was sold out, but of course he was allowed entry. Ed told me that he doesn’t run non-certified courses close to race-day, and that he’s using his result from the Island run as a gauge to how his performance might be on Waterfront race day.


Hi you two!
I was at the Friendship Run for Waterfront race day this morning and what a crowd it was! Everyone was so excited. J.S. gave his usual talk and A.B. was there to speak about logistics. Later, I sat in on Ed Whitlock‘s lecture. Even though it’s only the 5K I am running tomorrow, I am just so excited to be sharing the road with him.


R.I.P. Ed Whitlock
An inspiration!

Off-Track Betting


Matty Eckler Community Recreation Centre

On Guard


Friday night at Scadding Court Community Centre

I’ve Got Sunshine

On a Cloudy Day


Paul Christie Community Centre
(AKA The CAMH Pool)