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I’m curious about the US healthcare reform. So many petitioners for pro and con. Cons: why, if other countries can handle socialised healthcare, can’t the US? Sure Canada has lineups and the system is not perfect but for basic care, the system works. Nit-pick the hell out of it or the British system but the big picture is that it’s better for everyone. So what if socialized healthcare is “not the way you grew up”? Police and fire departments and libraries and Metro are socialised. We all pay for that handful of corrupt cops who are caught on videotape bashing in their suspects’ heads and the upkeep of criminals in jail. People will be taxed. The Government is going to intervene – the majority of you voted for that change.

So many websites with illustrations, graphs, subject lines reading “Americans Blindly Supporting Obamacare” and “Problems in Other Nations With Socialised Healthcare”. I’ve read arguments from both sides. I’m curious and have discovered more than ever that fear is a very powerful motivator. Like Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, people are gonna throw tomatoes. I think this is a very exciting step for the country. The Good Day LA hosts think so too. In fact, this morning was the first time I’ve agreed with what they’ve been dishing since moving here. And that’s FOX.

This clinic has been in the news quite a bit.

And Americans, I’m sorry, but you’re fat. Nowhere outside the US have I seen ANY Lap Band surgery billboards. “Dieting Sucks – Get the Lap Band”, with an image of a guy shoving a Twinkie in his mouth. For real? What’s that saying, “Catch a man a fish….”? We all know it. And all those endless drug commercials – wow. Eat better, exercise, and you’ll go to the doctor less. You’ll require less medicine. You’ll be happier and you’ll pay less at the doctor’s office AND at the grocery store. To those on my bandwagon, this is banale; beating a dead horse.

The CEO of Whole Foods has more clout. Listen to him.

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