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Daylight Savings

First blog post from Toronto. First blog post from the new laptop.
Hello autumn!
Hello pants, scarves, jackets.
I’m happy. In spite of things not being perfect, they are pretty dang near to it. Today marks the one-week aniversary of moving into my Cabbagetown apartment, which is one of the nicest places I’ve ever rented. Toronto’s East end was the first neighbourhood I lived in upon moving to the city and I’m so happy to be back; it’s very nostalgic of a time where I was a little nervous but very wide-eyed and was ready to embrace that new chapter of my life.

There’s a little bit of culture shock. It’s funny. In my day planner is a list which I’m constantly adding to:
When the heck did this 5-cent bag rule at every store start? I’m all for it, but I was bag-ladying around town for a couple of days.
Restroom Bathroom.
Squirrels are black again.
Cheques cashed.
Cheques cashed meaning something to me.
Bill please.
Soda Pop.
5th grade Grade 5. And other weirdness like putting the month before the date, etc.
Pedestrians. WALKING from a to b. Being ABLE to walk from a to b. Walking from a to b being NORMAL.

So far, I’ve managed to incorporate a few of my Cali habits. One being visiting the weekly farmer’s market. My love for local food grows exponentially in my heart with each market purchase (I have js to thank for this; if you’ve got the time, make those beans!). I brim with love at the sight of our colder-weathered au-courant offerings: roots, mushrooms, and thick leafiness such as kale, cabbage. Attended the Brickworks final open market last weekend and am Wychwooding it up as of yesterday.

E is visiting for American Thanksgiving! I love my job and my co-workers. I am so thankful for my wonderful friends; their smiling faces are so refreshing. The pep is in my step. As Ms. V F put it, “I exist“!

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