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Crash Course

I’m in Misfits withdrawal. Season 2 has been watched. Back to reality.

In the Christian calendar, this past Friday was the Annunciation, i.e., the day where Mary finds out from angel Gabriel that she’s going to give birth to Jesus.
This past Sunday, I attended the Hart House Choir’s performance of (Dvořák’s) Stabat Mater, i.e., a piece of music written about Mary standing over Jesus’ dead body after he’d been crucified.

My weekend was the FFWD edition of The Life of Jesus; A crash course.

Dvořák’s SM is my fave. It’s like Messiah in that each movement totally holds its own. Tuuuuuui Naaaati, vuuuuuuuulnerati, taaaaam dignaaaati, prooooooo me paaaati… check it out on Youtube if you don’t know what I mean. Supercatchy!

Dvořák also wrote Rusalka. Those suspended swamp bugs hanging from the Four Seasons Centre were the greatest things ever. There were fairies riding them!

You maybe can’t see it on account of my poor photo-taking skills but the Queen’s and McGill crests are beside one another. Aw.

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Are you watching?!

Although it seems that March has been one of my busiest months in a while, I have been making precious time for Misfits every night.

I’m currently at the crossroads between Season 1 and Season 2. I predicted correctly what would happen to Nathan in the last episode, and, because I was right, the show is even better. Don’t you love it when that happens? OMG, and Curtis is the only one who can save the day! If only he remembers! I am obsessed.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch all the episodes here.

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It broke

In February of 2010, I returned to LA. This second time around, I didn’t need to do as much exploring. Plop me into the middle of Crescenta Valley and I’d find my way back. I’d developed a Southern Comfort within my surroundings and yearned to be active in the community. To while away my days, I began volunteering at the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop in Toluca Lake.

I miss the Discovery Shop dearly. Some of my favourite items of clothing are from there. And the people I volunteered with were seriously top-notch.

On April 14th, I returned to Toronto in spite of my manager’s half-attempts at sponsoring me through the Society. One of the many Returning To Canada presents I received was a locally-made thread-and-sterling necklace from Robyn and her mother Phyllis. The point of the necklace was that I was to essentially wear it out, and once it fell off, my wishes would come true or I’d be a better person or I’d stumble upon a higher power.

Yesterday, it happened:

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What leg should I run?


Note: I’ve already run leg 6.

I’m looking at (in no particular order) 14, 17, 4. 4 Excites. It’ll be brutal but I love hills. A ran it last year and the ridiculousness of its difficulty was a riot (for us; A afterward).

Watch out, Cape Breton!

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Le printemps à Paris

Printemps à Paris > soppy freezing rain in Toronto.

With Florida gone and Cape Breton on the horizon, I don’t have any more vacation time. Oh and I suppose I should mention that all the good photos for FFF have now been posted and the last ones of E & I were of our last night before flying back to WINTER.

This blog is turning into quite the traveler’s log, non? This was not the intention…

No bother. Let’s reminisce:

Hangin’ out in the middle of Pont d’Iéna with a plastic bag of market-fresh radishes. The shadow spanning over me and much of the Pont is of the Eiffel Tower. Can you tell? The fat, tiered angles perhaps give it away.

Behind me: Trocadéro.

That summer was a big one for travel. Also, because of the travel, a big one for bedbugs.

The wonderfulness of this song can be thanked for this blog post:

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FFF Day 12

I was never good at taking self-portraits but I think these two are kind of nice.

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FFF Day 11

Canadian t(w)eens are so hot right now.


There’s been lots of buzz surrounding Heather Russell. Simon Cowell just signed her after watching her on Youtube. Is she the next Bieber? I want a Heather Russell pillow.

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FFF Day 10

“For centuries, men in the Middle East have gathered around hookahs to puff fruit-scented smoke, talk and pass the time. In the West, however, the water pipe became synonymous with drug culture in the 1960s, an association that lingers. But in the past couple of years, the hookah has been resurrected in youth-oriented coffeehouses, restaurants and bars, supplanting the cigar as the tobacco fad of the moment. “It’s a social thing to do. You can get a hookah and hang out,” says [Aaron] Rothe, passing the hose to his friends at the Parisian-style Gypsy Cafe. “It’s really smooth, like flavored steam almost.” The tobacco, wholesalers say, is grown in low-nitrogen soil, which makes its nicotine content lower than what is found in cigarettes…”

Berestein, Leslie. “Healthy or Not, the Hookah Habit Is Hot. Time Magazine Monday, Jan. 27, 2003

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FFF Day 9


Brought to you by:

Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being
Baltimore Consort’s On The Banks of the Helicon
A sleeping bestie

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FFF Day 8

4am Art Deco


Inez & Estelle take a dip

I’ve just finished Sartre’s No Exit. Recommend.

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