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I took some photos around my neighbourhood of Cabbagetown recently. The majority are of the Easter display at Allan Gardens:

Spring is my favourite season. It has a lot to do with C’s & my birthday and Easter: my favourite holiday. The Spring clothes can officially come out of hiding as the promise of Summer is evident in the greenness of everything and in the sunlight that lingers well into the evenings.

The rain these days has been relentless. In fact, right now as I type this, it’s coming down spectacularly hard. I had to run over to my kitchen window to assess whether or not I should shut it. The grass at the East side of the Beer Store parking lot seems to be LOVING the rain… you can see it at the right side of this photo:

On my way through Dr. O Lane to file my taxes:

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Two Years

Today is my birthday! Which means that it’s also SWAV’s birthday. My blog is two years old!

I’ve been a tad delinquent on getting the posts out there as of late.

To me, a blog post isn’t a blog post without a photo and for this reason I take my camera around with me most places I go. If I see something or experience something I believe to be bloggable, I take a photo. So here are some photos I’ve not been able to give some blog-time love to. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to She Was a Visitor!


N & I ran hills on Thursday that week because Wednesday snowed AND rained at the same time and cars were sliding backwards down Poplar Plains. It was alarming, really. After collecting things from the gym before heading home, the sky was still not black: a sign that even in early March, the sun and the Northern hemisphere were slowly creeping toward one another again.

CN Tower Liquidation‘s contribution to Mercer Union‘s Spiked Tea

Spiked Tea goods:

One of Canada’s greatest contempo artists etching my name onto a stick to make it look like Ai Weiwei and I are in a relationship:


The Oprah Winfrey Network’s Canadian distribution was bought by Corus, and upon OWN’s unveiling Oprah bought us all tulips and cupcakes.

Dr. Draw‘s birthday party extraordinaire!

On my way home from the birthday, I met Daniel Lioneye and Turisas outside their concert at the Phoenix. We had a 2am snowball fight and took some photos. Helsinki metal isn’t my thing but I was starstruck all the same!

Oh, and yesterday, the Foo Fighters played a concert for us at lunch (courtesy Edge 102.1)

Every day I am thankful for my full life and all who are in it. 31 was a year full of challenges and rewards. 32 comes with more blog posts! A resolution.


My blog’s namesake:

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