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“OK Buddy your and old man man young

Blood on your face

A big disgrace somebody’s

Gonna put you back into your

Place they will be singing

We will/We will

Rock you

Welcome to Hell or if

you wanna call it

Hades Lair, Kryss.

Well God if your spirit is out there somewhere I hope these numbers win. These three girls do deserve it

This is for pretty lady Doris


My favourite Lady


UPG (?) Amber


You know what Doris is your (illegible) number not mine


7-4-11-18-2… (the paper is ripped here)

Buy this ticket Kryss it better win”



This guy has three daughters.

Kryss might be this man’s name and he’s writing a note to himself: A glimpse inside the head of someone that’s in a lot of pain. We will rock you is him coming down on himself. He’s depressed and/or possibly suicidal. The whole thing about the spirit being “out there” is like a prayer; he’s desperate.

Interesting: Lotto 649 is 6 numbers. And two of these are three sequences of 7 numbers. Lotto Max has 7 numbers but is less popular than 649.

He’s talking to himself. The notes to Kryss are perhaps reminders. “Searching for what you always kept from me”: looking for something while being under the influence of drugs which never delivered what Kryss hoped they would.

Final thought: “hope this guy’s still alive”. He’s got a bit of the romantic poet in him.

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“OK Kryss this is for you

I’m on a road to nowhere

This road goes to nowhere

A journey of pain and despair

hopefully a chance to recover

hopefully not too late

yes I know Kryss I know

Into the dark area I came searching for what you always kept from me

And you watched from the shadows through the cold blackness

Your sword upon my need

And darkness piled upon darkness

Until the very darkness of it made light

Light that caught me in my rebellious glare

Perhaps I might have escaped were it not for my love for you…”

(the paper is ripped here)

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