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A Zed & Two Noughts

This morning I ran the Zoo 5K and placed 6th out of 881 women, winning my age category!

That’s a Canada Running Series gold medal.

The course wasn’t easy and I was still in the thick of a low-grade cold that’d had me under the weather for days leading up to the race.

Not my fastest time but one for the books nonetheless!


The Deuce Brothers:

In a fight: Alba Bewick has better things on her mind

(Some sections of the film are narrated by David Attenborough whose involvement makes the film resemble a wildlife documentary)

Lady in the Red Hat

Venuses de Milo

They become obsessed with snails.


Johannes Vermeer!

Their obsession with decay led them to the top of the food chain.

Time lapse…

If my blog has you confused, check out the movie:

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(r.e.: P.S. Love British spelling!; Dear F.)

…”Canadian English IS UK English! (We spell it colour, non?)

When I was volunteering at the ACS’s D S (think …), I spelled something that had a Z in it but I said “zed” instead of “zee” and it set off a WAVE OF FASCINATION that lead to me having to explain CANADA. Looking back, the one thing I remember them finding the most fascinating was ice wine.

The word I spelled with a Z in it was actually someone’s name: A G. She was one of my co-volunteers and was the first ethnic Bond girl, appearing in two Bond movies. She’s married to the CEO of Columbia Pictures (S S). Her dog’s name is Sushi. She told me I was like a daughter and cried the day I went home.

Alex Trebek was the one who introduced A to S. A’s link to Canada is Alex which she explained cemented her bond to me even more.

A G is actually Israeli and won Miss Israel in 1960 and was the best part of From Russia With Love:

One day I’ll stop posting about California. But there’s so much about it that I think of too often.

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The End (of Summer)

Change has been the key word of 2011 so far, and the bulk of this change happened in Summer.
As Summer is now ending, will the amount of changes wane? What is normal?
There is one week left. Gimme your best shot, Change/Summer. But P.S.: I’m on staycation until the 26th.

Summer 2011 things I wish to remain constants:

My suntan (futile)
My frequent participation in 5Ks
My Urban Herbivore sweet potato date muffin consumption

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