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Well, happy belated New Year, comrades.

I write this from my desk at work. It’s >9pm on a Friday. I’ve been here every night this week until later than this. It’s… peaceful.

However: my resolution for 2012 was to develop a functional work-life balance. Epic fail in the first month. I have succumbed to perfectionism and so here I am, breaking my rule, consciously missing out on things which I’ve now had to bump around to adjust. Jenga life. I’ll not be going to the Guelph Organics Conference with M this weekend. I’m really, really sad. But I’ve missed choir, and we sing on the 2nd. I NEED this Sunday’s rehearsal.

I had all these ideas of writing a fantastic first 2012 entry about how in love with Chinese New Year I am – way more than I am with December 31st – and about how I have followed religiously the customs and feng shui of every recent-past lunar new year. A & P and I ate all the customary things, and I wore something new, something red, and something gold all on that same day. My house currently remains spotless because… I am never in it. I cut my hair, I settled a slightly uncomfortable issue with a good friend, and put $ towards some retirement savings (I’m really proud of myself for being on track of life in this regard).

Christmas seems like ages ago. Paris seems like it’s just on the horizon.

We all remember this.

The highlighters I received for Christmas are being used, at least.


I wonder if the Mayans were ever concerned with karoshi?

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