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Paris: 6

I remember the day I heard of Mary Hanson’s passing. It was in the Winter of 2002. Mary was riding her bicycle through London and was hit by a truck. The other members of Stereolab continued releasing music after her death but the sound was never as good as when Mary was a part of it.

Cimetière de Montmartre


Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Toro Y Moi. They have the same sound that Stereolab did when Mary was alive. Shouldn’t be much of a surprise; Stereolab was one of the most influential bands of the 90’s.

This Toro Y Moi song is particularly dreamy and is one of my faves:

Let’s compare!


Can’t tell you how I know
This is where I want you to
Take me when I die and I’m full of sleep
Underneath the pine on a bed of leaves
Sorry if I pass you by
I never saw into your eyes
I was only thinking of my home
And how it’s so far…

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Paris: 5


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Paris: 4

Hole in the sky, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

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Paris: 3

Wisteria and skylights, Marché aux Puces, St-Ouen de Clignancourt.

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Paris: 2

This was lovely to wake up to this morning in my inbox:

I’m not in the video… was one of 40,000 participants that day.

My co-workers have been asking me how I placed. “Did you win?” has been a common question. The answer is: out of all the women in their 30’s, I placed 293rd. There were 2,935 women in that category. That’s a perfect fraction. Under top 10th percentile! Even with all those stops (especially at the cake table near km 39). April 15th is, after all, my birthday.

This was taken a day before the streets were shut down.

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Paris: 1

For the next while, it will be my goal to blog a photo-a-day of Paris.
I am excited to do this; I took some nice shots of things and this daily routine will help keep the vacation fresh.

Have you ever come back from someplace and wonder what you are doing in your current city, and/or why you are living your current life? Paris made me ask myself those questions. I love my job and I’ve got things pretty good here in Toronto but I also could very easily pick up and take off for somewhere for an extended while.

My French isn’t anything to brag about but I’d get that ball rolling with a little pressure from my surroundings.

There was a small park off Champs-Elysees that had a very sad little midway ride. It was raining out and the ride was closed.

It’ll be interesting to see how long I can keep these daily Paris posts going.

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une épreuve

In two days I’ll be boarding a plane to Paris. In 5 days I’ll be celebrating my birthday.

How time has flown; my blog will be 3 on that very same day.

Une épreuve awaits. Am EXCITED!!!

This week is gonna be a blur…

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both sides now

I was able to return my overdue library book this evening now that the strike is over.


I love all these found sounds:

…one more week.


“The union had some issues and I think we were able to find some common ground,” said Councillor Paul Ainslie, chair of the library board. “In the end both sides will be happy with what we reached for a settlement.”

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But O, my Friend, my Friend indeed
In whose sweet praise I all my days could gladly spend.

Never was grief like thine,
RIP Stan

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