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Celtic Heart

A little piece of my heart is always left behind on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia each year the Coastbusters tackle the Cabot Trail Relay. Our team goal is to come back every year until each of us have done every leg of the race. Nearly 300 kilometres stretched over 17 years sounds doable. Sign me up!

Gorgeous view of the Atlantic, near Cheticamp

The Coastbusters, 12th place overall!

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Being saucy at a moose sign, Cabot Trail. The dress was left over from our Oscar-themed water station that morning.

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Paris: 30

Have just returned from 5 days in Nova Scotia!
I think 30 is a respectable number with which to end the photo-a-day series on Paris. Hope you all enjoyed my album.

Tomorrow I hope to start posting some Cape Breton images.


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Paris: 29


Today The Coastbusters leave for Cape Breton to compete in our third installment of the Cabot Trail Relay.

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Paris: 28

Port Etroit

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Paris: 27

Commence my two-day workweek…

Notre Dame cathedral, South rose window

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Paris: 26

The view from the bathroom window…

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Paris: 25

Dad, recalling the Sluice Gate Fiasco of 1994.

Photo not to exact geographical location

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Paris: 24

Remember: doors will open only if you knock!

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Paris: 23

T’was in the merry month of May
The green buds were a swellin’…

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