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Paris: 22

Celebrated today is the Ascension of Jesus.

Abbaye Saint-Pierre

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Paris: 21

Maison St. Michel, Solesmes

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Paris: 20

Printemps cupola, Boulevard Haussmann

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Paris: 19

Yesterday I made the discovery that the CD I’d bought at a monastery outside of Paris (by 2 hours on the TGV) had been left in the player in the room of the apartment we were renting near the Trocadero. I can’t believe my forgetfulness.

The CD was of Maundy Thursday Gregorian chant. I was so happy to have found a recording of this at the time! I’m sad, but I’m not that sad. This sort of thing might be replaceable.

Here is a photo I took of the place where I bought this CD; the Abbaye de Solesmes:

On the plus side, my bike is fixed! Someone tried to steal my wheels when I was in Paris. Good thing I always lock them to my frame – they didn’t go very far. Thieves can be pretty dim sometimes.

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Paris: 18

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing Mum!

Chapelle de l’Assomption, rue Saint-HonorĂ©.

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Paris: 17

This morning is the Confederation Park 5K; the second 2012 installment of the Subaru Running Series.
Tomorrow is the Sporting Life 10K. I haven’t run that race in probably 6 years.

Exciting weekend!

Luxor Obelisk, Place de la Concorde

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Paris: 16

Shadow in the sky:

No shadow:

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Paris: 15

Summer feels like it’s right around the corner these days!

Taken on a walk near the waterfront, Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

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Paris: 14

His days are numbered…

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Paris: 13

Seen on the walk to Solesmes:

Found between some walls of an old house in Hamilton:

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