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This photo was taken at the top of Whistler mountain in the summer of 2010. Vancouver was the winter Olympic host that year.

Marathon. Go Reid!
Simon Whitfield
Ryder Hesjedal
Clara Hughes

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Girl was this morning’s earworm.
‘Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger’ sums up my summer so far. Only one month in. Loving the heat.

(oh hi east LA)

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bird on a wire

photos by Iceman

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I`m so glad this photo exists in digital form; it is a snapshot of my life at 23.
The items captured in this photo bring a lot of memories to the surface. Those blue flip-flops had giant gaudy flowers on them which I liked for ironic reasons. Not much has changed with my crossword obsession. One or two Broken Social Scene hangouts happened here before superfame. Wu-Tang record covers were procured from CFRC and acted as place mats. My skateboard had a pressure crack but awesome griptape art which is maybe why I kept it for so long. The frisbee indicates this photo was possibly taken in Summer – if this was the case, the cardboard moving box means I might have already started packing. 2003 was the Summer I moved to Toronto.

The apartment in this photo remains one of my fondest; it was the first place I`d rented on my own. On the top of the wooden shelf is a plastic anatomically correct jawbone. I kept that thing on public display throughout the years and apartments that followed. I know exactly where it is in Los Angeles. I want it back!

Sometimes life seems as though it`s changing so much that everything is a whirl. Other times, revisiting something like this photo indicates that over 10 years, not much has changed at all. Except I`m much more of a food snob now and wouldn`t eat whatever remaining packages exist of that Lipton chicken noodle soup…

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I’ve recently been honing my Photoshop skills…

Haha. Watch out.
Cuba, 2006

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I’ve never slept in this much in my life.

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