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Honesty, in my belief, is humanity’s final hiding ground.
I don’t take meeting people lightly. People are gifts the Universe gives you just when you need them.
Sometimes I find the value of someone in my life is only truly appreciated when they are no longer around. Just one of life’s many horrible ironies.

Compromise and understanding aren’t easy. The older we get, the more comfortable we are simply being ourselves and the less we prefer changing.

Evening descends with my plane over El Segundo, CA
(a personal emergency)

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Permanent Address

Often, when I talk about Ottawa, I refer to it as “home”.
“At home in Ottawa…” I’ll say.
I haven’t lived in Ottawa for years, yet for some time, Ottawa lingered (if only legally) as my “permanent address”.

In the way that my mother remains my “in case of emergency” contact.

I’m nostalgic.

At my new home, there is no sailboat, no fox and geese on the frozen river (also no William Kurelek for that matter), no piano, no singing mothers, no basements or attics, no spinnakers, no yard.

My wide eyes of youth remain, though. They always have. Unaffected simplicity.

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I’m sad the nights are cooler; I’ve been spending my Summer being photographed in canyons.

Webster’s Falls, Greensville
Victoria Day 2012

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Elora Gorge, Emancipation Day 2012

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Last week, a whale shark almost ate my sister.

“Why, as men do a-land; the great ones eat up the little ones; I can compare our rich misers to nothing so fitly as to a whale; a’ plays and tumbles, driving the poor fry before him, and at last devours them all at a mouthful. Such whales have I heard on o’ the land, who never leave gaping till they’ve swallowed the whole parish, church, steeple, bells, and all.”

– Shakespeare, from Pericles, Prince of Tyre

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