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That day was a good one.

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Open my eyes

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Door to Nowhere

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If only the assembly of a Tinker Toy elevator was as easy as programming radio stations into my receiver…

Don’t get me started with AirPort Express!

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cold veins

It’s a cold world out there
Sometimes I think I’m getting a little frosty myself

There’s a snap in the air this morning… Winter is coming.

Probably my favourite album.

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Could the me of then predict that the me of now would be living just as happy a life? I’m thankful for being happy a lot. At 33, I still love everything!


The caption on the back of this photo: “j’aime aller aux Nepean Days”

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Damn Hippies…

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Ghost in the Shell

Reflection nebulae are clouds of dust which are simply reflecting the light of a nearby star or stars. Reflection nebulae are also usually sites of star formation. They are usually blue because the scattering is more efficient for blue light. Reflection nebulae and emission nebulae are often seen together.

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