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M14, N, O1/P1

We make dreams real
Our memories remain in photos and our hearts.


LONG exposure, no filters
Pitch black
I’ve mastered my point-and-shoot


I’m tired of the Ms
Are you?
O = Onward

P = Busy P

Practical long filter
Post-adjust levels

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M14: Food

I took lots of pictures of food while in Morocco and these days I’m taking lots of pictures of food while home in Ottawa for the holiday.
There is no shortage of subject matter in either location.

Here is a sampling, mostly of Morocco (so far Ottawa’s been pretty heavy on the cookies)…

Indulging is a delicious aspect of holidays, home and abroad.
xo to you all this Christmas.


The whole album!
Let’s spend an hour together, shall we?

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Entering Marrakech

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M12: 34/35

Tomorrow, Wednesday December 19th, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will be jettisoned from Kazakhstan to the ISS for a five month research staycation.

If the Mayans are right and we’re in for an apocalypse on Friday, what’s Chris gonna return to in May?

The last photo is of Volubilis. SO COOL!

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M11: chantces are

…I dodged a bullet.
Divine intervention?

Above: Hassan II
Below: Ahl Fas

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M10: distant_land

Morocco offers a great deal of geographic variety.
To see it all, commute.

In my Toronto life, I`ve been running a lot. On yesterday`s run I booked it from Victoria Park to St. George, along the Danforth. That was only one part of the run; I`d already made it to the end of the Beaches.
Training or not, traveling or not, we`re always going places. It`s fun to capture the in-between stuff.

Sun in my eyes, West-side Atlantic

Julia, train to Rabat

Bab Mansour tour carriage

Fishing boats, Essaouira

Ideal medina transport, Ouarzazate sunburst

High Atlas (hike or donkey only; no services)

Pots for sale, drive to Imlil

Higher than mountain goats, Todra dance

Chomps & friends, Sahara

Madlib at the Opera House, 2003, remains one of my most memorable concerts. Shades of Blue is a work of art. Especially the Byrd remix of Distant Land. It`s so dissonant and atonal and kind of sad. Right up my alley.

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M9: out of service

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M7: 49

Make nice in Meknes


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