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Horsin’ Around

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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my oh my

Oh my goodness, here she comes, switching that ass
I wondered if the men in her past have treated her bad
But if I had the chance, I’d treat her like a Queen
Just like I do in all my dreams
If you only knew how many times that I think of you
I’m quite sure that you would find, I’m going out of my mind
My oh my, me and those dreaming eyes of mine.

Ooh we…baby, you’ve redefined my vision of love it seems
Your love be da cherry in my chocolate covered dreams
So it seems, my oh my,
Me and those dreaming eyes of mine

Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine.

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The Feast of St. Fabio

is today, January 20th.

How will you celebrate your saint day?

I’m going to meditate, write, and test my foot out and do a light run. The name Fabio relates to both Saint Fabianus and Fabius Maximus (who was a Roman general and dictator).

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left-wing kook

Don Cherry’s lesser-known fruit brother, “Rotten” Ron Persimmon, has a Rock’em Sock’em video of his own in the making:

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Five years ago, US Airways flight 1549 struck a flock of Canada Geese and crashed into the Hudson River.
The following day, on January 16th 2009, the route was redesignated a new flight number.

In one month, this Canadian bird marries her Jersey beau.

That’s the Hudson River.

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The Rattler

Before the Horse, we must endure the end of the Snake.
These are the days of The Rattler?

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