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The newest barge in the Redpath dock is Mamry.

Perl Harbour?

$result = I am the funniest person in the office

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Courtside, Fashion Art Toronto’s closer:

I am at a loss for any onomatopoeia. You had to have been there.

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That morning there was a note beside my drawing:


Original Production Sketches for the ill-fated children’s musical Shelob’s Web

Closing only halfway through the first act at its premier in the spring of 1973, this musical holds the record for the shortest run for a major Broadway production. According to reports in the New York Times and The Harold, the performance broke up amid rioting in the audience, the majority of whom were children between the ages of 6 and 12. The production designer, K. Wehrle, was later quoted, at her arraignment, as saying: “We thought the world was ready for a darker take on the sugar-coated children’s story.”


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sock pwns bird

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ubi caritas

Come on feet…

once again i run
boylston street under my feet
unicorn hat: packed

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(an old bag in her birthday suit)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mein schwester Kurisutena!

Daigo-ji, time-out, Japanese pear. The 32nd flavour.

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