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Youth and Love – II

To the heart of youth the world is a highwayside.
Passing for ever, he fares; and on either hand,
Deep in the gardens golden pavilions hide,
Nestle in orchard bloom, and far on the level land
Call him with lighted lamp in the eventide.
Thick as the stars at night when the moon is down,
Pleasures assail him. He to his nobler fate
Fares; and but waves a hand as he passes on,
Cries but a wayside word to her at the garden gate,
Sings but a boyish stave and his face is gone.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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“On cold days I guess I think a little about how cold it is. And about the heat on hot days. When I’m sad I think a little about sadness. When I’m happy I think a little about happiness… I just run. I run in a void… I run to acquire a void.”

The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia

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Saturday Night


I am presently having a love affair with Toronto.

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24-Hour Feng Shui Window

K: Today I returned home with 3 goldfish!

R: In Chinese Feng Shui, if a goldfish dies, that means something bad was going to happen to you and the fish absorbed it to protect you. But you have 24 hours to replace the fish.

K: Well, after 3 hours, two are already dead! I’m so lucky, then. I will replace them on Remembrance Day.

R: 24 hours!

K: So I went to a different pet store, the one in the Chinatown mall. I told the owner of my predicament and he said he doesn’t want to sell me any fish today! He said for me to come back in 2-3 days! I told him about the 24-hour Feng Shui window and he was knowledgeable of it but very sympathetic as he could see my look of concern. He insisted that the real Feng Shui here lies in my love for the 3rd fish, and to not worry about timing. And that I should come back in 2-3 days when the window of the 3rd fish dying is over and my water is therefore healthy to have new fish. The compassion of this man was so moving.


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Only three kinds of men:
Somebody’s father, son or brother


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Ken Lum
You Don’t Love Me
Vancouver, 1994

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