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Los Angeles

Here it is: the First Post. No photos yet as we’re still living in the hotel.

Breakfast is included in our stay and every morning it’s the same: breakfast burritos. I am amazed at how “normal” the burrito is in this neck of the woods. Everyone wants their meal wrapped in a tortilla. It’s charming?

I have eaten two new items. 1) boba: nothing but a slushie/bubble tea combination (a big let-down; I’ve had much better bubble tea) and 2) cherimoya: “the most delicious fruit known to man” (Mark Twain; again and again).

We move into our new apartment when the shippers arrive sometime on Wednesday morning. I am so excited about this! The place is really nice with a big lofty area on the second floor. Yesterday in Japantown I bought a carp flag for the loftspace as we’re moving in around the May 5th start of Golden Week.

Burbank is actually really beautiful (I throw “actually” in there because I have been told to avoid The Valley and so therefore was skeptical of our new home) but the people in this town really keep it together. Yesterday on my run, I ran through the neighbouring cities of Toluca Lake and North Hollywood and from what I saw of them, Burbank at least waters their plants. And what plants they are! Roses, orange/lemon/grapefruit trees and cactuses in every yard, all that sort of stuff. I expect it’ll take me a while to tire of the flora. I’m already thinking of what we can grow on our balcony (everything). Burbank is also really nice because we are surrounded by mountains. E and I drove through a bunch of “hotspots” and both agreed we felt at ease in the sleepy Valley ‘burbs. We’re not very exciting.

We have been told by 3 people: the best thing about LA is that you will likely own a car, and so on weekends, you can drive that car to “better” areas of California like San Fran or San Diego “you’re only 3 hours away from everything!” …I found this a little disconcerting.

It’s Obama’s 100th day! Swine Flu is in full force. South Central Compton is really something else with all its barred windows and souped SUVs + rims. We got out of the car once so E could get some fried chicken from a really dodgy mini mall.

E is blown away by the salsa availability (think the soy sauce aisle in Chinatown grocery stores). The night I arrived he showed me some notes he was taking about all the different salsas he’d tried. He’s going to start a salsa blog! I’ll keep you posted. xo

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Gearing up to leave anywhere is always a mix of sad and exciting, and for me it’s also a little dramatic. I fled Kingston for Toronto during the August 2003 blackout two days after a major fallout with a good friend. My remaining days in Canada are just as chock-full: chipped tooth, US Embassy lineups to nowhere, car accident.

The car: bits on the street, recyclemania.
Us: a little shaken up.
My Dad earlier this weekend: “We’re thinking of getting a new car soon”…

Dad will get his wish tomorrow.

Excellent things: I’ve been reminded of how timeless good friendships are. Love was in glorious display and brought a tear to my eye at J’s wedding. Green Door goods with H. I spent quality time in the Greenbelt keeping up with an Ironman. And the Boston Marathon gave me a boost that I’ve been needing: I gotta get back on the horse. I will qualify!

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I’ve been thinking for some time that I should just do it, so here it is. The big unveiling. On my 30th.

She Was A Visitor is a Robert Ashley reference. He’s a pioneer of electroacoustic music and was one of my faves in university. There are a lot of layers in the SWAV piece in that the work makes you think, yet the result is simple and pleasing to listen to.

The myriad focus of this blog will include: life as a thirtysomething, Los Angeles, my vegan culinary creations (direct from “the lab” as E would say), gardening trials&tribs, running. It seems like a lot, but really, I feel my life is quite simple and happy. SWAV = SWAV?

I’ve a bit of a ways to go in terms of wrapping my head around the WordPress beast. When I was a LiveJournal user (and Myspace user and Yahoo user, etc.) I don’t ever remember having this much trouble setting up the basics. I can’t seem to change header names and so far I find WordPress really confusing and not very user-friendly. I always return to it with such gusto but get so confused that I shut ‘er down. Not today! I’m wiser now. I’m in the moment. Let the blog begin!

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