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One of my favourite photos of the year:

Hamilton, ON
November 5th, 2011


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Since landing in Ottawa one week ago, the weather has gone from positively balmy to freezing. My running route which was clear is now completely snowed over. Further, what once was mild, perfect running weather is now minus 28 with windchill: gym weather. I’ve been out/about during two snowstorms. I even came to town still donning my fall trench. This week’s more appropriate ‘Wintery’ outfits have been procured from the depths of my highschool closet.

It’s like Winter finally woke up. This is the Ottawa I know. Those snow tires were waiting for this. They are excited.

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Empty Box(ing Day)

H and I came upon two abandoned dwellings while on a Winter’s hike.

The first was a little like walking into an art installation; we were careful not to disturb anything (that was left to be disturbed)

The second was an unwelcoming carcass

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It ended up being a white Christmas after all. We all got what we wanted in that department. I didn’t, however, capture the blue jays on the feeder.

Junco Christmas it is.

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This morning I read a really touching article in the Ottawa Citizen about a family’s struggle with losing a loved one. The focus of the article was on organ donation and how the family is really happy to have helped a handful of those in need by passing on the ‘gift of life’.

Christmas-esque, non?

This photo is of a calved shard of the Hubbard Glacier.

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C’est l’hiver?

I’m home for the holidays. On my run this morning I endured one of Ottawa’s first snowfalls of the season – remarkable considering this time of year usually brings skaters to the river and snowmen to people’s yards. As I look out of my window, I can see the river tossing around, whitecapped and windblown. The trees, now a couple of hours after this morning’s dusting, are barely showing any snow on their boughs. It’s simply not freezing out there.

What kind of Winter will Ottawa have?

I’m going to aim for a blog post every day while home. I’m so grateful for this time off and so grateful to be together with my family. C is home (for good!) from Japan. Totamo sugoi.

The last time I was home was Thanksgiving weekend. October was also unseasonably warm with a high on Thanksgiving Day of 28 degrees. I wore a tshirt in the mountains.

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