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9 in 3

Don't Stop the Rock

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9 in 6

Leg 9
17.48 km Rating 5 (start time: 19:48hrs)
“Time to put on the reflective vest! This leg makes Smokey look like a piece of cake. North Mountain in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park climbs 385 m & reaches the top at 6.2 km then falls back to sea level. The route then levels off to finish at Mountain View Motel & Restaurant on the right at Pleasant Bay. Night will have fallen completely.”


The lips of time, they kiss again
When I walk alone into the night
They know my voice, they know my name
My need for love, my fear of heights
So I keep my wit, my running game
My shoulders straight and chin up high

(Keren Ann – It’s all a lie)

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Life Is Short

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Body Heat

Props to Q & all her stored efforts in yesterday’s epic endeavour!

Mémoire sur la propagation de la chaleur dans les corps solides
-Epic endeavour, Joseph Fourier (1807)

Harmonic analysis
-Birthed on the gritty sub-zero streets of the Bridle Path (2012)

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Nearly 200 drawings from D‘s Newton era (~2000!) made their way to my inbox last month. Blast from the past!

Vakjotl was my pseudonym those days.
It’s what happens to Kathryn on a Dvorak keyboard.

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