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*start dream sequence* 

…observe the chiaroscuro, the differences of the world through the starkness of the extremes; darkness and light, day and night, 7 mins between the starkness of away and within. Tranquillity. Enjoy the peaceful mornings, and the festive evenings. Going to work on an empty tourist boat every day. Somersaults and stretching, hanging, feeding little birds your sandwich on a vast, empty, wooden deck… Taking the kayak into the middle of the middle of Donut Island. Completely isolated, away from the madding crowds. But most of all enjoy the nights, cool nights on the chilling waters, the water lapping up against the side of the boat like two friends playing with each other, caring for each other – giving ‘Summer Idol’ his/her/their rest from the heat of the day. 11pm. “Last boat to the city! Last Boat!”. Wait five minutes… *rumble rumble …). Phew… Social Contract. Stop. Sssshhhh! All is quiet. Except…

In the morning birds and the charging swans chasing the hissing geese lunge!

Oh gawd I love that island.


PS. Living the island life is a transformative experience…



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Happy Mother’s Day

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Thank You


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