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The greatest sign in Toronto…

(happy Pride/Canada Day long weekend)

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tu me manques

I miss my regular sessions of crashing on that couch with a glass of homemade cider while getting fed all sorts of delicious Bach interpretations. Usually while bickering over who gets to be blue in that evenings` inevitable Settlers game.

It`s been only a couple of weeks but I must say I`m in withdrawal. Refer back to this post for the origin of evenings such as this.

I hope Montreal welcomes him with arms of comparable size… rowing for Oxford does a body good.

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I listened to so much Jedi Mind Tricks back then.

It’s good when good things don’t change.

The Priest of Bloodshed is so good.
Can’t wait for In Death Reborn.

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Begone Dull Care

My go-to walking track

now has a very Norman McLaren-y fan video.

Begone Dull Care is my favourite McLaren film. I LOVE it. Art and music.

In 2000, the National Library of Canada held a retrospective show of Oscar Peterson’s work and on the opening day of this retrospective I stood in line with a handful of Canadian Cultural Bigwigs and shook Oscar’s hand. Begone Dull Care was featured as part of the retrospective and at the height of my undergraduate nerdiness, I was beside myself.

Boards of Canada, from Scotland, named themselves after the NFB.
Blog post unity: check.

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The closest sounding word to his name was Lufy so that’s what people called him there. It was like that for everyone. I was Kessy.

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June Gloom

The best part of Malibu: Point Mugu.
This photo was taken on this date three years ago.


These days we seem to be experiencing June Gloom, Toronto edition.

At least it’s Monday.

Try to enjoy.

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