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Kleine Schwester

Canada in space, 1982:

first operational mission of the Canadarm
launch of Anik C-3
launch of Anik D-1
birth of the starchild

Anik means Little Brother in Inuktitut. Close enough.

A belated birthday shout-out (as I settle back to earth) xo

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sky livin’

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r.i.p. m.i.t.

Great Dome steps

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boston cream

4:03 mile, invitational winner, Sunday April 14th.

I’m having a hard time processing the weekend. Friends and I are safe. In the photo I’m standing right where the explosions happened on the 15th.

(two of my favourite things: running and a public library)

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One Week Today

’til Boston!

Sha Na Na!

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When your friends are also your personal Resident Advisors, a large aspect of Facebook becomes redundant.

Reading about what everyone else is doing inadvertently fills me with an array of emotion – predominantly sadness.

I am many things…
but I am far from sad.


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(Fallin’ Like)

Back in October, I fell on my eye.

A and I, we were like dominoes.

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