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sleight of hand,
jump off the end.
into a clear lake,
no one around.
just dragonflies,
flying to the side.
no one gets hurt,
you’ve done nothing wrong.
slide your hand,
jump off the end.
the water’s clear and innocent.
the water’s clear and innocent.

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We have to be honest with ourselves in the morning. Our mornings set our day. From the morning, we can see where we are going and where we might need to make a slight shift. Even 1 degree sets us off on a new course.

-Betsy Berliner



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Little Professor

Hi Mum,

Can you tell me some stories of what I was like as a child?
What did I enjoy doing?
Was I solitary, or did I enjoy a crowd?
Independent or collaborative?

Day optimiser or day dreamer?
I’m trying to figure some things out so please help.


You were an only child for your first 3 years, and there weren’t other kids living close by, so it was never your routine to play with “the kids next door” because there were none. You did tend to be fairly independent, immersing yourself in books and toys and drawing or making things, even sewing little stuffed animals (when you were a little older). You were also quite talkative, you had a good vocabulary at a young age. Before Christina was born I went back to work part-time for a few months, so you went to a daycare centre at the Unitarian Church. One of the teachers told me that you would often walk around in the playground chatting to yourself; she called you the “Little Professor”. You also enjoyed nature, being outside observing birds and animals, especially frogs. I don’t think you were a daydreamer, you seemed to keep busy. Once you were in school, you certainly had friends, so you weren’t a loner, but I don’t think you were part of a crowd.
I hope this helps! How are things? I miss your daily self portraits.

Lots of love,


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