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Today is the birthday of one of the most important people in my life.
Happy Birthday, Ronan Paul MacParland.
I love you.


A seed grows in my body. A lush green forest of life spreads its sinewy roots through the grey moments of a heart once grey and cold, but now new and green. With the songs of life and the water of generosity, the spent moments of a life wasted recede into the memory of its vessel, only to be replaced by the status of a great triumph of quiet love creating new ground in and around and between the moments of love that steady the folly.
A great symphony of love runs cacophony in my mind as the heart cries out for more, now, now, now. And there you are, with lips supple red, damned with beauty. I retreat to my book where I can express the wonder of the love of mankind. I scream but you don’t wake, and yet my screaming may never stop you from breaking my heart forever.

(Photo from our infamous Scrabble’s Dope/SOUPerbowl NOPE! party, 2015)

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Chromatic adaptation


The von Kries transform is to apply a gain to each of the human cone cell spectral sensitivity responses so as to keep the adapted appearance of the reference white constant.

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