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requiem spintronics

I can’t ever be in two places at once.

Hockey and Good Friday?

United Empire Loyalist Orchestra – Requiem for Cameron Neely
Gallery 101
Ottawa, 2002


RIP Iginla

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nursery crime

Jack will eat not fat, and Jull doth love no leane. Yet betwixt them both they lick the dishes cleane CONDO

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they’re here:

Glico man and Tofubeats always win.

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One Month Today

’til Boston!

Above is start of the 2012 Timex National Road Race Series Finale. That’s a 10K. You’d never go out like that for a marathon. Jackrabbits.

I’ve lost track of how many 32+K long runs I’ve done. In addition, I’m so glad to be over the hump of my own personal March Madness – I’m running every day this month. The Pizza Pizza turnaround, Lawrence & Bathurst, Mount Pleasant, Caledonia, Kipling & Lakeshore, Victoria Park & Kingston Road are all where I′ve been hanging out these days if only for brief seconds at a time.
C and I tried running ′easy′ one day last week but couldn′t keep ourselves above 4:40s. March Madness. Ballin′.

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She’s almost seven; we share a birthday so whenever it’s April 15th I’ll be thinking of her.

We’re going to be great pen-pals!


Burundi is now forever on my mental radar.
I really want to get a copy of this:

music from Burundi

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(blue faces)

Art Battle


Ruffus, of Bahooka fame (which closes tomorrow after 46 years).

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The Dawn of a New Error

After 2+ years in the 4W-Bs, I’m relocating.


A handful of my favourite 400+ stills from that era’s riveting stop-motion classic, Market Wharf:

Props to all the clouds.

My new spot in the Cs provides even better stop-motionable subject matter.
Market Wharf‘s sequel, working title: Hwy H2O, begins filming on Thursday.


Non-seq: I ate a whole bulb of raw fennel while writing this post.

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