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Last night:
I’m listening to Marcus Belgrave. It’s almost midnight. Tomorrow I have one of my last personal training sessions with Esten and I’m a little sad because he’s a really great trainer. Superman wraps this week and I have mixed feelings about it. I’m really excited to have worked with such an amazing team of artists and producers on such an exciting film, and of course I’m sad to leave some of them as we all move on to different projects. I’m going to Om Reunion next week and I’m going to be a Kind Kitchen mama. Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut as a model for Coupe Bizarre. Iris and I just finished the Goodbye/Nickel and Dime Waste of Time Jon-Rae and the River music video earlier tonight and it looks awesome. I’m so proud of it. David finally emailed me back and this week we might meet up for lunch. I brought the skinny pig to work on Monday and everyone LOVED him including one of the producers who told the pig “you’re hired”. I bought 4 CDs at Soundscapes and they rule. They are: Jane – Berserker, VA/Universal Sounds of America, Andy Votel’s Folk is Not a Four Letter Word, and Smog’s Dongs of Sevotion. I can’t get enough of Spanish Key by Miles Davis recently. It’s been my theme song. The part where the trumpet motif weaves in around 5:20 totally blows my mind every time. Does anyone else feel this way? I had an epiphany recently: I want to DJ once a week at Cobalt. I think I’d be really good. I miss radio. I didn’t call Elliot tonight after Iris’ house. She and I had a lot of wine and after socializing at Soundscapes with Phil and Craig I just didn’t feel like calling him. I called Janine instead and ate a gross wrap from Subway. Marco and Daniella are going to be DJing next Tuesday’s party. I’m running the 5K Scotiabank Rat Race on Thursday night and I want to be one of the first 50 finishers. On Sunday I ran 16K and thought I was going to die. Halfway through a run like that you feel like you’re floating. The run began at 830am and we ran past the Kool Haus which had just emptied itself of the remaining after-hours ravers who were all loitering around souped-up Mazdas with cheesy techno blasting. They yelled “Go team Canada” at us which was funny. I couldn’t help but think about how tired/f’d up they must be and how healthy we are in comparison and how these two extremes were sharing the same stretch of Queen’s Quay East and how my life had completely done a 180 from that to this in just a few years. I almost bought a 19 dollar top from Zara today only to try it on and discover its ugliness. I’m just realizing now that Madlib has stolen half his Quasimoto song titles from Sun Ra’s Arkestra. I think I’m going to start drawing again. I have to get around to making Kasia a CD. I need to buy a better frisbee. I need to repot my vegetable plants because they look cramped and uncomfortable. I need to take more time for myself so I don’t have to stay up past my bedtime just to unload my thoughts. Sometimes I think I’m dating the right person, sometimes I wonder WHY. Auggie won’t leave me alone. I just bought Norton Systemworks and it RULES! My Switzerland jazz festival poster keeps falling off my wall with the humidity. I need to buy stickytacky or whatever the hell it’s called.
Space is the Place.
Beyonce and Jay-Z have collaborated again and the song is meh. I did nothing at work today. I am running out of people’s blogs to read. I am listening to Kathy Smith.


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feat. Gameface

“When you’re the wedding DJ’s +1, you’re on. You’re the best, you know? You’ve been selected and you gotta bring it. You’re the one that’s gonna be there, dancing solo til the end, reppin’. Weddings are serious business.
Me & O, we’re the best two-for-one out there.”

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Time for the heat

On this day in 1977:
The Concorde makes its first voyage to New York City from France.
Mach 2.

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my, my, my, my

and I’m down on my hands and knees
begging you please baby
show me your world

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عيد مبارك

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the harbor is yours

Peg leg navigated starboard to port
By the nautical starry night yellin’ “The harbor is yours!”

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